Vocal Competition


Competition Items
  • Choirs
  • Solo (Summer events ONLY)

Required Music Pieces

Within a time period of 10 to 15 minutes, the participants are required to present the following pieces:

  • Classic World-known Pieces;
  • One Piece by a Composer of the Ensemble's Home Country;
  • Additional Piece(s): required in order to reach the minimum playing time, to be freely chosen.
  • Performing Time

    Within 10 to 15 Minutes for each individual or performance group.

    Accompanying Music

  • Playing piano or other musical instruments (Please notify all instruments you need for the performance.)
  • Compact Disc (CD) with the background music in format of “.mp3”, “.avi”, “.wmv” (Please submit the CD with a label of performer’s name and music title to the organizing committee.)
  • Others
  • Choirs Multiple Devices (Please notify the number of the choir and specifications.)
  • The microphone and audio equipment will be provided by the Organizing Committee.