Instrument Competition

Competition Items

  • Orchestra/Wind/String
  • Percussion
  • Piano
  • Folk Music

Required Music Pieces

Within a time period of 10 to 15 minutes, the participants are required to present the following pieces:

  • Classic World-known Pieces;
  • One Piece by a Composer of the Ensemble's Home Country;
  • Additional Piece(s): required in order to reach the minimum playing time, to be freely chosen

Performing Time

Within 10 to 15 Minutes for each individual or performance group, totally no-longer than 20 minutes including instruments set-up, as well as up and down time.


  • Instruments: Please carry on all instruments you need for the performance; In case the very few instruments cannot arrive at the stage before opening, please inform the Organizing Committee as early as possible, who will try to rent them for the performers, while all related cost will be at the performer’s expense.
  • Performers: Considering the stage size and seats arrangement, a preferred band size will be under 110 performers.
  • Musical Notation: Along with the application, applicants are to inform the organizing committee of the original musical notation for every playing piece. Please clearly identify the beginning and end chapter on the music score, if only one part of the work to perform.
  • Stage Settings: Please inform the organizing committee of the stage setting pictures with description, including the number of chairs and music stands, as well as the special notification for the large-scale instruments.