Folk Arts Competition

Competition Items

Folk arts produced from an indigenous culture based on different regional customs (East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Arab (WANA), Middle Asia, West Europe, East Europe, Africa, Black Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa), North America, South America, Latin America and Oceania), such as European Bagpipe and Flamenco, African Drum, Steel Drum and Samba of Latin America, Chinese Opera and Martial Arts, and Oceania War Dance, etc.


Required Folk Music Pieces

Within a time period of 10 to 15 minutes, the participants could choose one of the following pieces:

  • World-wide Folk Arts
  • Folk Arts of the Ensemble's Home Country

Performing Time

Within 10 to 15 Minutes for each individual or performance group.

Accompanying Music

  • Playing piano or other musical instruments (Please notify all instruments you need for the performance.)
  • Compact Disc (CD) with the background music in format of “.mp3”, “.avi”, “.wmv” (Please submit the CD with a label of performer’s name and music title to the organizing committee.)
Considering the regional cultural diversity, please prepare the instruments and related props for your folk art performance.