Dance Competition

Competition Items
  • Classical Dance
  • Folk Dance
  • Modern Dance
  • Ballet

Required Dance Pieces

Within a time period of 7 to 15 minutes, the participants are freely to choose one or two programs to reach the minimum playing time 7 minutes.

Performing Time

Within 7 to 15 Minutes for each individual or performance group

Accompanying Music
  • Playing piano or other musical instruments (Please notify all instruments needed for the performance.)
  • Compact Disc (CD) with the background music in format of “.mp3”, “.avi”, “.wmv” (Please submit the CD with a label of performer’s name and music title to the organizing committee.)


  • Stage Lighting: Each dance will be performed under the similar lighting effects-bright, harmonious and unified. Lighting effects are arranged by the jury to ensure the performance visibility and the fairness for judgment;
  • Scene Arrangement: According to the dancing plot and context, please notify in advance the requirements for stage properties, spoting stickers, or other spraying materials (such as flowers or color ribbons), so that the crew prepare to clean up the stage immediately after the performance.