Join us, You will

  • Prepare your social knowledge and Build up the internship experience.
  • Participate in the international events and broaden a global mind-set network.
  • Present your personality and absorb different cultural wisdom.
  • Perfect your resume and add value for your career path in the future.

Basic Requirements

  • Undergraduate or graduate students of the colleges or universities located in big Los Angeles Area
  • Passion for culture and art, responsibility for task and duty, dream-in-sky as well as down-to-earth for actions
  • Volunteers, organizers or coordinators for grand events, campus activities and other on-site programs, with great sociability
  • Excellent communication skills with English. Great teamwork spirit, Speak Chinese is prior
  • Available time guarantee to be the volunteer during the festival activity

Job Category and Description

(1)    Stage Assistant

  • Assist stage managerto arrange the waiting space for performers, schedule the performing time, and guide the performance teams, etc.
  • Assist the changes of stage settings, such as instruments, choirs multiple devices and other props.

(2)    Team Leader Assistant

  • Reception and coordinator for the parking, ticket distribution, admission seating and on-site discipline.
  •  Coordinator between the performance teams and the organizing committee of festival.

(3)    Translator

       Take as the translator between English and Chinese on the necessary occasions.

(4)    Logistic Assistant

  • Assist logistic manager to arrange the catering for the performance teams.
  • Arrange the backstage room assignment for the instruments and other belongings of the performance teams, to keep them safe and in order.

(Download the Volunteer Application Form)