2013 the fifth Angel Cup Festival

The 5th Hollywood Angel Cup International Youth Music & Art Festival was held on July 18th to 21st , 2013, in Los Angeles. This event lasted 3 days:

July 18th  Instrument competition
July 19th  Vocal competition & Dance competition & Folks competition
July 21st  Awards Ceremony & Winners Performance

This event attracted over a dozen groups, and with hundreds participants. They were from the U.S.A, China (Beijing, Shenzhen, Dalian, Lanzhou, etc), Russia, and Europe. New participants all enjoyed the opportunity to competite and communicate with new friends from all over the world, as well as the well performed participants from previous events.


Prize Winners



1st Prize Dai Folk-- Beauty Dabbling in the Water

                 Shao Xin Rui,Xie Jia Ying, Qiu Lan Xi, Gu Wen Jia (Shenzhen Baroque Art Troupe) 

2nd Prize Ballet-- Le Corsaire

                 Elena Popzlateva (European Arts)

                 Russian Folk-- Russian Sailor Dance

                 Dasha Pimenov & Anastacia Pimenov (Showtime-Katusha Russian Dance Studio)

3rd Prize Folk-- Joy of Spring 

                 Jessica Li& April Song(Jin's Dance Studio - America)

Jury Special Prize Folk-- Tale of a loving Lotus 

                                 Michelle Liu(Jin's Dance Studio - America)



1st Prize Piano Solo-- Sonata by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

                 Wang Han (Beijing Jianhua Experimental School)

2nd Prize Piano Solo-- Cowboy Long for Red Army

                 Qu Jing Xin (Dalian Yang xiao yu Piano Studio)

                 Piano Solo-- Liu Zhuang Variation

                 Ma Ming Lu (Dalian Boya Music & Instrument Club)

3rd Prize Piano Solo-- Cowboy piccolo

                 Lin Jia Jin (Dalian Boya Music & Instrument Club)

                 Piano Solo-- Cowboy piccolo

                 Yang Chu Yi (Dalian Yang xiao yu Piano Studio)



1st Prize Solo-- Tomorrow
                 Zola Vilshenker (European Arts)

2nd Prize Solo-- Mulan
                 Ke Ya Dan (Shenzhen New World Art Troupe)

3rd Prize Solo-- Little Girl Picking Rice
                 Chen Kai Qing (Beijing Jianhua Experimental School)
                 Solo-- A Pitiful Peasant
                 Huang Yi (Beijing Jianhua Experimental School)

Outstanding Performance Prize Peforming Choir-- Fear Will Evaporate
                                                        Shenzhen Baroque Art Troupe


Folk Arts

1st Prize Cucurbit flute-- Moonlight Bambusa Multiplex
                 Xie Dong Zhe, Zhang Chi, Ke Ya Dan, Zou Ai Nan (Shenzhen New World Art Troupe)

2nd Prize Cucurbit flute-- Moonlight Bambusa Multiplex
                 Cai Jun Yang (Lanzhou Railway No.1 Middle School)

3rd Prize Chinese Martial Arts
                 Wan Jia Hong,Tan Ya , Xiang Zhen (Shenzhen New World Art Troupe)