2011 the second Angel Cup Festival

The 2nd Hollywood "Angel Cup" International Youth Music & Arts Festival was held on July 20-23, 2011.


Prize Winners




1st Prize

Chinese Folk “Beijing Opera in the Campus”
Beijing Zhongguancun No.3 Elementary School

Piano Solo “Beethoven Concerto No.3”
Lilac Peterson from Los Angeles

Vocal Solo “Down to Earth Acoustic”
Lilac Peterson

2nd Prize

Chinese Folk “Echo of Diabolo”
Beijing Dongjiaominxiang Primary School

Chinese Folk “Little Rosters”
Dalian Children’s Palace

Percussion “Bouncing”
Beijing Dongjiaominxiang Primary School

Vocal Solo “Santa Lucia/Let's Go to Fly my Kite”
Zola Vishenker from European Arts

3rd Prize

Ballet Solo “Carmen - Roland Petit”
Elena Popzlateva from European Arts

Piano Solo “Velocity”
Ronin Del Castillo from Los Angeles

Suona Horn “The Festival”
Tian Ruiqi from Beijing Fuwai No.1 Primary School

Vocal Solo “My Heart will Go on”
Elisha Wang