2010 the first Angel Cup Festival

2010 the 1st Hollywood "Angel Cup" International Youth Music & Arts Festival was held on July 22-24, 2010.

The 1st festival attracted over 100 paticipants around the world, competing in Dance, Choir and Instrument competitions, as well as opening and awarding ceremonies, where young musicians and artists getting and celebrating together through high-level music and art performances.


Prize Winners





 1st Prize

Russian Dance “Zima” Showtime-Katusha Dance Studio

 Piano Solo “Gargoyles No.1 & 3 by Lowell Liebermann Op 29”
Brian Chen from Los Angeles

 Choir  “My Home in China”
Art Troupe from Beijing Jianhua School

 2nd Prize

Armenian Dance  “Shalakho”
Alex Dance Studio

 Piano Legato “Variation”
Wilson Shao & Andrew Shao

 Vocal Quartet “Left and Right Hands”
Jiayi Zhou, Jian GAO, Ruochong Zhang, Zhaobo Wang

 3rd Prize

Xinjiang Dance  “Youth Dance”
Beijing Jianhua School

 Piano Solo “Azalea”
Beijing Jianhua School

 Choir  “Singing with a Smile”
Jingjing Tian, Jihan Zhong, Zhuo Chen, Jingyue Liang, Xinyue Wei, Yu Meng, Yun Liu, Wei Wang, Yinfeng Liu, Chenyu Zhou