Hollywood "Angel Cup" International Youth Music & Arts Festival is hosted by the YCAA--International Youth Culture & Arts Association, and gains great supports from the government in Los Angeles County, California State University, American Chinese Culture Association, Nightingale International Culture & Education Foundation USA, as well as many other music and arts organizations.

In July 22-24, 2010, the first Hollywood "Angel Cup" International Youth Music & Arts Festival(short for "Angel Cup" Festival) was held in Los Angeles. The 1st festival in Jul.2010 attracted over 100 paticipants around the world, competing in Dance, Choir and Instrument competitions, as well as opening and awarding ceremonies, where young musicians and artists getting and celebrating together through high-level music and art performances.

The 2nd, 3rd festival was annually hosted in the summer of 2011, 2012. Folk Arts was added in the competition category, to promote the ethnic diversity of music and arts.

Since 2013, with the favor of the world-wide art troupes, "Angel Cup" Festival will launch twice a year-- the winter session in Feb. and the summer session in Jul., to provide a multi-culture international platform for young talented performers with more choices and opportunities.

The 4th "Angel Cup" Festival just wrapped up successfully in Los Angeles on Feb.1-2, 2013. There were 26 art teams, nearly 900 performers divided into junior and senior classes, taking part in this magnificent festival competition and ceremony, which is greatly supported by the local government and media in Los Angeles. For a special and additional arrangement, we set up the Expert Tutorials work-shop and public performance to enrich the knowledge and perspective of all participants on art and culture, which is a really important innovation and wonderful trial to the development of our festival event.

The 6th Hollywood Angel Cup International Youth Music & Arts Festival was held in Los Angeles, the City of Angels, between 24 and 26 January, 2014.The 6th festival attracted 25 troupes from different countries. Over 700 young artists participated. More than 350 young artists came from China, with Chinese traditional arts: dance, chorus, folk music, opera performances. American youth and audience had a great opportunity to know more about colorful Chinese culture and art. 

For its first launched in summer of 2010, the Angel Cup Festival has won widespread praise and support from the education and society. The Festival has become an international influential event and a well-known brand for youth artists. Through the culture and arts exchanges, the Festival also has become an important activity for young people to show their talent, enhance friendship, build mutual trust and create a beautiful future.

Welcome to "The 10th Hollywood Angel Cup International Youth Music & Arts Festival" in January 29-31, 2016! Join us in Los Angeles to establish the communication bridge without borders through music and arts among young generations.